Gemini Design Jewelry

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Price includes Ultra Sonic Cleaner (pictured), complete instructions, 4oz Ultra Sonic Concentrated Cleaning Solution, Shipping & Handling.
Gemini Design Jewelry was created with natural materials. Both Sterling Silver and the various karat Golds have many special properties that make it unique for jewelry. For example, bacteria cannot grow on silver, it still needs to be cleaned periodically. Silver reacts to sulfur in the air and to other substances (ammonia), causing it to tarnish. For this reason, we recommend clean the jewelry based upon the materials used. For removing dirt and soap residue in the designes and with most stones, we feel the best way to enhance our jewelry is to clean in an Ultra-Sonic Cleaner. For a better understanding of why, we have included the following facts:

  • Ultrasound is a mechanical vibration producing electrical excitation in liquids.
  • Ultrasound alternately compress and release compression producing energy.
  • Formation and collapse of bubbles (cavitation) vibrates "dirt" off the object.
  • Objects submerged into the cleaning liquid are subjected to total cleaning.
  • Cleaning cycle is 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Using the Ultra-Sonic cleaner mixed with an anti-bacterial liquid soap loosens and removes 99% of any debris on the item.
  • Ultra-Sonic cleaners are widely used in the medical community for cleaning of medical and dental instruments.
As you can see, the Ultra-sonic cleaner is the easiest and most reliable method of cleaning our jewelry. It can also be used to clean many other objects in the home, including baby pacifiers, teething objects, dentures and other personal items where cleanliness is a concern.

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