Gemini Design Jewelry

Gemini Design Jewelry is please to announce an alliance with the TEXAS LONGHORN BREEDERS ASSOC OF AMERICA
to help raise funds for their Youth Schlorships.
TLBAA Expo Booth
At the recent TLBAA Expo in Fort Worth, Patricia was in the TLBAA Booth to promote these Special Logo Ornaments.
		OrnamentTLBAA LOGO

Using the Logo of the TLBAA, two different custom Copper Ornaments have been created. Profits from the sale of the two ornaments shown above will be the source of those funds.
The Roughcut Copper Ornaments are created out of sheet Copper. For the Bright finish ornament, the design is traced on the metal and holes drilled so that a jeweler's saw can hand cut the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America logo. Each ornament requires 18 holes be drilled and the negative spaces cut out. After sanding, a sealer is used to keep the ornament from oxidizing. The Blue Ornament is a reverse image, using the same hand cut process. It is treated with ammonia and salt for the beautiful Azure Blue Patina, then sealed with a clear sealer.

TLBAA COPPER:          $35.00
TLBAA BLUE:          $35.00
SET OF 4:          $120.00

Desk Top TLBAA
A Desk-top piece was also created for this event, with the same profits going to the Youth Scholarships. It stands 9" tall, including the cedar base. Additional sizes and subjects are available.
DESK TOP:          $80.00

Custom designs and Ranch Brands are also available. If you wish a different piece of jewelry such as a Bracelet or Belt Buckle, please contact me about creating such a piece. Please allow 10 days for custom jewelry. Please email your .jpg or .gif file of your Brand or Logo to